Alpadis Group launch new logo – a reflection of their heritage and growth

News - Alpadis Group launch new logo – a reflection of their heritage and growth

Alpadis Group is pleased to announce the launch of their new logo and website, designed to reflect the Swiss group's heritage, and future growth in the East. The logo follows a period of robust growth and expansion for Alpadis Group, which includes the acquisition of TAO Trust Group Pte. Ltd.'s business in Singapore, and offices established in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Labuan (Malaysia) and Singapore.

The logo features the following elements:

  • Alpadis Group roots – The symbol is a silhouette of a mountain, more specifically — the Swiss Alps; this is also showed in the symbol resting above the letters "A L P"— referring to Alpadis Group's Swiss heritage which is based on the pillars of independence, attention to detail and quiet professionalism
  • Alpadis Group philosophy – The mountain also signifies the effectiveness and precision needed in an ever-changing environment. Each time you reach the summit, a new set of challenges lie ahead, which requires resilience, trust, confidence, flexibility and communication. All core values of Alpadis Group
  • Alpadis Group's Asian future – through their expertise and professionalism, Alpadis Group have built a bridge that stretches from Switzerland to Asia, where they intend to grow further. The logo mimics the strokes of number 8 in Japanese, – 八 (eight in Kanji). 8 is often called "sue-hirogari" which means increasing successful because it widens toward the end
    • The number 8 is also a lucky number in China, due to the closeness in pronunciation with the Chinese word for prosperity
    • The red colour of the logotype symbolises prosperity in the Asian culture

Alain Esseiva, CEO of Alpadis Group, comments "Our new logo reflects Alpadis Group's maturity and differentiation, while showcasing our company culture and values. We have experienced very positive growth over the past few years and expect this to continue. I am proud of the team and excited for our future ahead"