Hong Kong to provide extensions of stay for non-permanent residents outside of Hong Kong

New measures, brought in due to recent COVID restrictions, will allow non-permanent residents who are outside of Hong Kong to apply for an extension of stay

Hong Kong is currently in its fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel options are limited for those abroad who are wishing to return. The Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD) announced today that effective from 8 April 2022, non-permanent residents who are outside of Hong Kong may apply for an extension of stay. This means that they do not need to fly back into the city as part of the extension process.

Previously, non-residents who are outside of Hong Kong would have to return physically for the collection of the e-Visa for the extension of their stay, ImmD has been actively exploring new measure for those who are unable to return Hong Kong.

Applicants who are eligible (see more information here) are able to apply online or through their sponsors / authorised representatives in Hong Kong. Once ImmD are satisfied that they meet all eligibility criteria, then their application to stay will be extended.

This new measure is tentatively set to expire on 31 December 2022, though this may be further amended depending on the pandemic situation. These measures will replace the current temporary measures announced in December 2020.

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