Three taxes, three jurisdictions

When it comes to corporate tax rates, Asia varies widely with some countries operating very complex tax regimes, others preferring to keep things simple and low The Philippines tax rate stands at 30% yet there are numerous schemes and exemptions available for companies. Malaysia’s tax rate is now at 24% with an effective tax rate […]

Asia’s $22 Trillion problem

Asia will see the fastest billionaire population growth in the world over the next few years, this will create its own set of problems A recent report released by Knight Frank LLP showed that the number of billionaires in Asia will rise by 27% between 2018-2023 to 1,003, making up a third of the world’s […]

Interview in The Edge Malaysia: How to not lose it all

Asia is said to be the world’s fastest growing region when it comes to the wealthy, but this will be meaningless if they do not start planning to preserve their wealth effectively, says Alain Esseiva, Alpadis Group CEO in an interview with The Edge Malaysia More information can be found here.

Alpadis Group Launches New Office In Zurich And Expands Core Services

Alpadis Group announces the launch of its new Zurich office. The new office will be focused on wealth planning and family office services, providing Alpadis Group with additional capabilities to complement their existing corporate and tax services office in Nyon. For more information please view the Press Release here (German version available Here)

Starting up in Asia: speed, expansion and regulations

In today’s globalised world, market access is more important than revenue and profit – at least in the early stages of a company’s journey. For entrepreneurs with innovative and unique ideas, the key is to get those ideas to as many markets as possible, as fast as possible. One only needs to look at the […]

Labuan Budget 2019 – key changes in the tax landscape

Singapore and Hong Kong were not the only financial centres that announced their annual budgets recently. The Labuan Budget 2019 announcement, which came late last year, saw a number of changes to the Labuan tax regime (LBATA), which are in line with Malaysia’s desire to comply with prevailing international standards and to reduce Labuan’s use […]

Understanding ‘substance’ and what it means for your company

Whether you are a multinational company with many offices dotted around Asia, or a smaller structure, the term ‘substance’ could be a lot more important than you think. While Substance is a well-known tax concept, it is rarely if ever included in international agreements and treaties. However, since the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s […]

Alpadis Group acquires KPMG’s Labuan Trust Company business

This asset purchase will allow Alpadis Group to cement its position as one of the leading service providers in Labuan, able to offer a high level of service and ensure regulatory compliance for its clients in this jurisdiction. This asset purchase will allow Alpadis Group to cement its position as one of the leading service […]

Alpadis Group acquires Louvre Fiduciary (HK) Limited in Hong Kong

Alpadis Group have purchased Louvre Fiduciary (HK) Limited in Hong Kong, with all operations, employees and customers integrating into Alpadis Group. This expansion will allow us to further increase our range of services. The integration of Louvre Fiduciary (HK) Limited employees and operations will be ably led by the Managing Directors of our Hong Kong […]