Located in the heart of Dubai’s financial centre

Why Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a special economic zone located within the heart of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established in 2004, DIFC has emerged as the region’s leading financial centre, home to over 4,000 active companies including 1,252 financial services-related firms.

DIFC is a hub for wealth management services, including private banks, global family-owned businesses, asset managers, investment funds etc. This ecosystem manages wealth around the world and is well connected via the nearby Dubai International Airport.

Main features of DIFC:

  • 100% ownership – all incorporated entities and subsidiaries can be 100% owned, with the world-class regulatory environment offering a number of different legal types and structures
  • Independent Regulator – the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is an independent regulator that regulates financial services activities performed within DIFC and grants licenses
  • Common Law Framework – DIFC is governed by the DIFC Courts, an English-language common law system, offering swift, independent justice to settle local and international commercial or civil disputes.
  • No restriction on Capital repatriation – There are no restrictions or constraints on capital or profit flows for DIFC-based companies, with no controls or constraints on currency exchange in the US-dollar denominated jurisdiction
  • Tax Benefits – DIFC levies zero taxes in corporate profits or income and has a wide range of double taxation avoidance treaties via the UAE’s network with regulators and central banks

The DIFC Innovation Hub features over 500 technology firms and is the leading innovation ecosystem in the region. Organisations within the Innovation Hub include start-ups and unicorns, VCs, educational entities and regulators, driving growth and innovation.

Lastly, DIFC has an abundance of leisure and entertainment options from retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, art galleries, residential apartments, public green areas and hotels – perfect for business-to-business networking and entertainment.


The team at Alpadis DIFC assists organisations and private individuals with a number of vital corporate and wealth services including corporate vehicles, family offices, and foundations.






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