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Alpadis Group acquires Louvre Fiduciary (HK) Limited in Hong Kong

Alpadis Group have purchased Louvre Fiduciary (HK) Limited in Hong Kong, with all operations, employees…(Read more)

Welcome aboard Samy Reeb!

Alpadis Group has brought on Samy Reeb as Managing Director of Alpadis Trust (HK) Limited, who will lead…(Read more)

Setting up a business in Singapore

Singapore is ranked second globally in the ease of doing business rankings. With low taxation, highly…(Read more)

Hong Kong’s new licensing regime to raise industry credibility

Alpadis Group CEO Alain Esseiva explains how the new licensing regime will put quality Trust and Company…(Read more)

Trusts in Hong Kong

A thorough modernization of the trust legislation has enabled Hong Kong to become one of the leading…(Read more)

Alpadis Group CEO to run across Mongolia for charity

Singapore, 20 June 2018 - Alain Esseiva, the CEO of Alpadis Group, is set to run 250 kilometres of the…(Read more)

Setting up a business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's extensive tax, trade and legal benefits, have made it a popular business choice for foreign…(Read more)


SINGAPORE, 11 April 2018 - Alpadis Group, the Swiss based provider of multi-jurisdictional corporate…(Read more)

Alpadis Group launch new logo – a reflection of their heritage and growth

Alpadis Group is pleased to announce the launch of their new logo and website, designed to reflect the…(Read more)

Alain Esseiva: «Simple is Better in MAS’s New VC Regime»

Alpadis Group CEO Alain Esseiva explains how Singapore can achieve more by doing less when it comes to…(Read more)