Private Client Services

From succession and wealth planning to asset structuring and protection, we can assist you to achieve your long-term goals.

Wealth Planning and Asset Structuring

A wealth plan is a lifelong roadmap designed to structure, protect and preserve your assets so that you may pass them on to the next generation. We help you design and navigate your route, providing sound and actionable advice tailored to your priorities and ensuring full compliance across jurisdictions.

Our services include asset structuring as well as wealth and succession planning, up to the implementation stage.

Trusts and Foundations

We advise and assist in establishing trusts, foundations and other bespoke structures across multiple jurisdictions to ensure that family wealth is preserved.

Our services include setting up and managing trusts, provision of independent professional trustees and trust related solutions such as accounting, incorporation and management of underlying companies, protectorships and liaison with protectors and beneficiaries.

Charities and Philanthropy

We assist in establishing and managing charities and charitable trusts. Besides aiding in structuring charities, drafting charity constitutions and ensuring that they comply in accordance with the respective local regulations, we also advise on charity governance, look into charity accounts and obtain tax-free status for a charity.

We also advise on potential beneficiaries of distributions and support where needed or desired, and in certain cases, follow up on the proper use of the funds.

Family Office Services

Asia will see the fastest billionaire population growth in the world over the next few years and this will result in a deep surge of family offices being set up in this region. A family office is one of the best vehicles to address the increasingly complex management and preservation of the wealth of high net worth individuals and families.

With offices in key Asian financial hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong, Alpadis Group will facilitate the set up of your family office and will make sure you enjoy the tax and regulatory incentives offered in different locations.

Family Governance Advisory

Key to the success of family generational transition is a common sense of purpose and shared values, which are adopted by successive generations to preserve the family legacy. We will work with you to help you translate your purpose and values into a family charter and an appropriate governance framework that will ensure the preservation and growth of the wealth of the family.

Relocation Services

Moving to a new city, state or even country is a major life decision. It is a journey that comes with great benefits but also some challenges for companies and individuals relocating to new markets. You will need to resolve important matters, including obtaining residence and work permits, looking for proper accommodation and schools, ensuring healthcare coverage, opening bank accounts, and the list goes on.

We assist international clients contemplating a change of residence. This may involve pre-immigration restructuring, coordination of relevant matters with professional in the particular jurisdiction.

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