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Why Dubai?

Situated at the heart of the Africa-Middle-East-Asia triangle, Dubai is a multicultural city with two-thirds of the world’s population within reach on flights of eight hours or less, allowing it to serve as a nexus of commerce between East and West.

Dubai’s rapid growth, strategic location and favourable business culture have led it to gain the reputation of being an easy place to do business. UAE does not have any corporate or personal income Taxes, and there is no Wealth Tax and no restrictions on Capital and Profit repatriation.

However, with seven emirates and more than 40 free zone areas within individual emirates across the UAE, it can be a challenge to do business here. There are more than 20 free zones in Dubai alone, each with its own laws and regulations, making business in the UAE can be daunting and complex.

Furthermore, in addition to its friendly business environment Dubai has established itself as a leading – and unique – country for HNWIs and Corporate Entities to live and Dubai enjoys an advanced and reliable infrastructure.

Our Services

Our UAE team of qualified and experienced advisors provide a range of services for existing businesses and residents, as well as individuals and entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in Dubai.

We can guide you on setting up your business in the UAE, and on becoming a UAE resident. We will advise you on the right solution and take you through the entire company formation process from the initial transaction to the management of all administrative and financial requirements, to securing residency should you require.

For HNWIs in Dubai we offer a number of Family Office, Succession and Wealth Planning services. For established companies we provide a range of Corporate Services, including Payroll, Accounting, Visa Management and Treasury services.

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