We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business in Singapore (and beyond).

Why Singapore?

Low taxation, a highly efficient government, political stability, skilled workforce and a stable legal structure, have consistently placed Singapore in the world’s top rankings of ease of doing business.

Extensive trade networks (over 75 double taxation agreements), supporting government policies and the realistic ambition to be a smart nation through digital innovation make Singapore one of the top destinations to set up a company and the gateway for business looking to expand into South East Asia.

Our Services

Our Singapore office offers bespoke integrated solutions for doing business locally and regionally. Whether you are a startup, growing private company or a multi-national firm looking to establish your presence in Singapore or elsewhere, we can help you to achieve you goals.

For private clients, we will also assist you to structure and set up your family office in Singapore providing among others, corporate and compliance services and application support for tax exemptions and other incentives uniquely offered by Singapore. You will benefit from a full range of services provided by a dedicated independent-minded team of experts with decades of combined international and local experience.

Our Office

Meet our Core Team

Co-Founder and CEO Alpadis Group

Born in Switzerland. Made in the Alps. Lives in Singapore.

He is an entrepreneur who co- founded Alpadis Group. Despite his Swiss heritage, he has a calculated appetite for risk and embraces change, constantly looking at new markets and opportunities.

He leads the business, development, strategy and growth aspects of the Group, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Singapore office.

Alain brings over 30 years of combined experience in wealth planning and fiduciary services.

When he is not advising his clients across Asia, Alain enjoys running ultramarathons around the world.

COO Alpadis Group & Managing Director

Dominik Heer is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Managing director (Singapore), based in Singapore. Dominik supports the Group’s CEO in all operational and strategic aspects, and he oversees the Group’s Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisory activities.

A Swiss national who speaks English, German and French, Dominik loves travelling around Asia and staying off the beaten track – preferably climbing a volcano or mountain. Dominik has a passion for heritage buildings, interior design and vintage furniture, is a magna cum laude graduated lawyer and holds a MBA degree from ESADE School of Business.

In addition to operational and strategic aspects, Dominik also oversees the Group’s Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activities, including a range of advisory services for cross-border transactions spanning Asia-Pacific and Europe for privately-owned companies and institutional investors (family offices, private equity and venture capital firms).

Dominik draws on over 15 years of investment management and M&A experience across Europe and South-East Asia facilitating over USD$600 million in M&A transactions. He also serves and have served on numerous company boards as a non-Executive Director in Europe and Asia, with a particular interest in SMEs who face family succession, or are looking at rapid growth, and need a partner who can help guide them.

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Singapore Insights

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