Alpadis Group CEO to run across Mongolia for charity

Singapore, 20 June 2018 – Alain Esseiva, the CEO of Alpadis Group, is set to run 250 kilometres of the Gobi Desert on 29 July 2018, to raise money for the Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) through his Simply Giving page here. The Gobi March is one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world and will see Esseiva climb 1,765 meters to its highest point along the undulating route, which takes in rivers, mountains, valleys, rocky terrain and dunes and temperatures ranging from -20C to 30C.

Alain, who has run multiple ultra marathons around the world, will be raising money for the CWS, a Hong Kong-based charity that provides education, health care and social opportunities to children and their communities in Nepal, working in partnership with other NGOs. Alain is hoping to raise at least USD15’000 (HKD117’740).

The Gobi March will take place from July 29, 2018 and finish seven days later on August 4, 2018. The 250 kilometres-long course is split into six stages, each unique in terms of terrain, elevation and length. The course has a total of 4,450 meters of elevation gain and 3,825 meters of elevation loss. Competitors are required to present themselves at checkpoints approximately every 10 kilometres to be logged by the organisers and top up on water.

Alain will be carrying everything he needs to survive for one week in a pack, which he is required to bring with him along the course including 35 mandatory items, weighing up to 13kg or more.

The Gobi March course follows the footsteps of Genghis Khan with the race ending in Karakorum, the 13th and 14th century capital of Genghis Khan’s Empire. It will also pass through the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Okrhon Valley. Up to 200 competitors representing more than 40 countries will compete in 2018.

Alain welcomes donations large and small, which may be made through his Simply Giving page: Simply Giving.

You may also track Alain’s training and progress via his LinkedIn blog here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alain-esseiva-b787219/

The official website of the Gobi March can be found here: https://www.4deserts.com/gobimarch/itinerary

The official website of the Child Welfare Scheme (CWS): http://www.cwshk.org/