Alpadis Group now a Registered DNFBP in Dubai

Milestone underlines company’s ongoing commitment to the highest compliance standards and regulatory frameworks in the UAE’s financial services industry.

Alpadis Corporate Services (DIFC) Limited has officially been registered as a Designated Non-Financial Business and Profession (DNFBP) in Dubai, effective from 25th October 2023.

This marks a significant milestone for Alpadis Group, as it underlines our ongoing commitment to adhere to the highest compliance standards and regulatory frameworks in the financial industry. Being recognised as a DNFBP not only solidifies our position as a trustworthy and credible entity but also enhances our operational capabilities within Dubai’s dynamic financial ecosystem.

What Does This Mean for Alpadis Group?

The designation as a DNFBP is a testament to Alpadis Group’s dedication to excellence and compliance in the realm of corporate services. It represents our alignment with Dubai’s stringent regulatory measures and our commitment to anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-financing of terrorism (CFT) standards. This status provides us with the opportunity to engage more deeply in the financial market, offering our clients a broader range of services with the assurance of compliance and security.

We are proud of this achievement and excited about the new possibilities it opens up for Alpadis Group and our clients. Our commitment to providing secure, compliant, and innovative solutions remains stronger than ever, as we continue to support our clients’ successes and growth in Dubai and beyond.

For more information on how our DNFBP status can benefit your business, please reach out to us. We look forward to forging ahead on this journey of excellence together.

About Alpadis Corporate Services (DIFC) Limited

Alpadis Corporate Services (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority and provides a comprehensive range of entity formation, restructuring, and administration services, as well as fiduciary and corporate services including incorporation, company secretarial and board support and registered office services.