What is Dubai’s Gaming Visa?

Visa to create stable and secure environment for gaming talent, allowing them to grow their businesses and careers

At the end of 2023 Dubai announced the Dubai Gaming Visa. As part of the ambitious Dubai Program for Gaming 2033 (DPG 2033), this visa aims to attract top gaming talent from around the world, foster local expertise, and create a vibrant gaming ecosystem within the city.

A Vision for the Future of Gaming

The Dubai Gaming Visa is more than just a residency permit. It’s a commitment to transforming Dubai into a hub for gaming innovation and excellence. By offering long-term residency to gamers, content creators, and industry professionals, Dubai is providing a stable and secure environment where those in the industry can grow their businesses and careers. Recipients of the visa will also receive a Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate, a credential that enhances their professional profiles and opens doors to numerous career opportunities in Dubai’s burgeoning gaming industry.

Objectives of the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033

The DPG 2033 is a multifaceted initiative with several key goals. Firstly, it aims to attract skilled professionals from across the globe, enriching the local gaming industry with diverse talents and perspectives. In addition to drawing in international talent, the program is dedicated to cultivating local expertise. This will be achieved through specialised educational programs, workshops, and events designed to build a sustainable pool of skilled professionals within Dubai.

Supporting entrepreneurs and startups is another crucial aspect of the DPG 2033. The initiative offers funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help new ventures prosper. Furthermore, by hosting esports tournaments, leagues, and other events, Dubai is positioning itself as a leading hub for esports, enhancing its international reputation in the gaming community.

Innovation is at the heart of the DPG 2033. By encouraging research and development, the program aims to drive the creation of new technologies and games, ensuring that Dubai remains at the cutting edge of the gaming industry.

Benefits for Individuals and the Gaming Industry

For individuals, the Dubai Gaming Visa offers a host of benefits. Long-term residency provides stability and security, while the accreditation certificate recognises their expertise and enhances their professional standing. Job opportunities abound, with the potential for high salaries and the chance to network with a vibrant community of industry professionals. Access to state-of-the-art gaming facilities and technology, coupled with a tax-free environment, maximises earnings and career growth.

The gaming industry as a whole stands to gain significantly from this initiative. By attracting top global talent, Dubai is enhancing the quality and diversity of its local industry. The promotion of innovation and the development of new games and technologies are expected to drive economic growth, generate significant revenue, and create numerous job opportunities. Additionally, Dubai’s enhanced global reputation as a dynamic and innovative city will attract further investment and interest from the international community.

Who Can Apply?

The Dubai Gaming Visa is open to applicants who meet specific criteria. Candidates must be at least 25 years old and have a proven track record in the gaming industry, whether as professional players, content creators, developers, or in other relevant roles. Applicants must submit a comprehensive gaming-related CV, a copy of their passport, and optionally, educational qualifications and proof of community contributions.


Dubai’s Gaming Visa represents a bold step towards redefining the future of the gaming industry. By attracting top talent and fostering local expertise, Dubai is set to become a major player on the global gaming stage. This initiative not only promises to drive economic growth but also positions Dubai as a vibrant hub for gaming innovation and excellence. As the world watches, Dubai’s ambitious move could reshape the landscape of the gaming industry, offering exciting opportunities for professionals and significant benefits for the industry as a whole.

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