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Some of the challenges families face when looking to maintain and grow their wealth are the lack clarity on succession, ownership, governance and strategy. Aligning long-term goals, keeping the business in the family and preserving (and growing) capital is not an easy task when facing short-term challenges such as sudden disruptions, digitisation or globalisation.

Family governance is essential to ensure wealth preservation and the transfer of wealth to future generations. It provides a bespoke and solid structure for family cohesion and stability for both present and future. It provides the means to avoid conflict by agreeing to a predetermined set of rules and guidelines and provides mechanisms for solving disputes and facilitating decision-making, ensuring the process is made more efficient and empowering other family members. All in all, it creates a sense of cohesion which leads to growth and business success, allowing the family business to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.

We advise our clients in creating and running a lasting family governance structure with a view to preserve the unity of the family, the wealth and the business ownership.

Our services include:

  • Family constitution
  • Operating structure and governance
  • Reporting
  • Legacy Protection
  • Family committees
  • Family council

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We help to organise the assets of a wealthy family or family-owned organisation. This involves working with family members to provide expertise on wealth structuring, asset allocation and advice on managing their money in accordance with their requirements. The result is a stronger family unit, assets that are safer and can be passed on to the next generation.

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