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Labuan Licensing Services

The financial services industry in Labuan is regulated under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (“LFSSA”). The LFSSA governs the Labuan banking business, Labuan money broking business, Labuan financial business, Labuan insurance business and Labuan leasing business among others. Any person wishing to carry out business within any of these sectors must be licensed with the Labuan Financial Services Authority and will be subject to separate licensing and operational requirements as prescribed by the LFSSA.

Our team in Labuan will advise our clients on perceptive licensing requirements, they will help to assemble the relevant documents, complete questionnaires and fill in and submit licensing applications to obtain a successful result.

Our services include:

We noticed that applications for licenses are processed much easier when they are done in cooperation with us, as we know what the authorities look for and expect from a complete submission, which any uncertainties often be cleared with a telephone call

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