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Malaysia HR and Payroll Services

The Employment Act 1955 (EA 1955) regulates the employment conditions of employees in Malaysia whose wages do not exceed RM2’000 a month and a certain category of employees irrespective of their salary. For those not falling within this category, their rights are subject to their respective employment contracts. The EA 1955 requires certain minimum rights to be granted to employees, including rest days, maximum hours of work, annual and sick leave, etc. Employers and employees are also required to make mandatory contributions to social security and other insurance funds. All of this should be reflected in the company payroll.

Employers wishing to hire expatriates must also apply for an employment pass from the Immigration Department, and companies will be required to comply with minimum paid-up share capital requirements if they wish to apply for expatriate posts.

With Alpadis Group, you will benefit from a comprehensive payroll service for your staff, including salary calculations, tax deductions, social security and pension contributions. We can also assist to rent or acquire premises, recruit local staff and ensure that their employment status is in compliance with Malaysian laws.

Our services include:

  • Payroll set up and administration
  • Immigration services, including work permit applications
  • Relocation

Companies of all sizes appreciate the value of outsourcing the payroll and management of work permits to us- allowing them to focus on other things. We have the local expertise and technology needed to ensure error free computations of salary and timely and successful applications for the required visas

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